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FACS Course Descriptions

Baking & Pastry Arts

Students in Baking & Pastry Arts take on the world of pastry chefs. Baking principles and procedures will be examined and applied through hands on practice and food labs. Possible cooking units include pastries, pies and tarts, shortened cakes, whipped cakes, cake decorating, cookies & cookie decorating, quick breads, yeast breads, and other baked goods of student interest. Students will also explore measuring using weight, calculating baker’s percentage, cost analysis of baked goods, and industry standards for commercial baking.

Child Development

Do you have a career interest related to children such as teaching, social service, or medicine? Are you concerned and interested in your future role as a parent? This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of parenthood, pregnancy and childbirth, development from birth to age five, toys and play, snacks and activities for children, appropriate guidance, and child abuse. Students completing the course are more employable in child care-related jobs.

Exploring Hospitality

Introduces students to the broad spectrum of the hospitality and tourism services industry. Explores typical career areas including lodging, cruising, restaurant and food services, managed services, beverages, club management, attractions, recreation management, convention services, and event and meeting management. The course explores program career opportunity as well as historical and operational perspectives of the career areas mentioned. Students will create a career plan in the hospitality industry.

Fashion and Textile Design

Textile and Fashion Design will introduce students to the history, design, selection, construction and care of textiles, clothing and accessories. It will provide basic experience in sewing and construction techniques. The courses begins with topics such as color schemes, the elements and principles of design, and fabric and fiber types. Students will apply these design basics into a variety of projects that include skills such as hand-stitching and machine stitching. It will be a hands-on class requiring students to tap into their creativity and tactile skills. Students are responsible for purchasing all of their own material and supplies for this class.

Food Production and Management

Food Production and Management is a course for students with a career or personal interest in the preparation and service of quality food products. The curriculum is hands-on and builds on skills introduced in previous culinary courses. Units of study include menu planning, meal costing, restaurant operation practices, industry trends, career opportunities and professionalism. Students will gain experience in professional food production through weekly food labs and running a restaurant/catering business out of the classroom.  Meal production could include: selling Thanksgiving pies and Holiday cookies, lunches for staff, catering small events, etc.

Food Science

This class is for anyone who eats! Understand the biotechnology and chemistry of foods, food safety, dairy industry, meat science, food needs around the world, and food processing. The class will be based on the Farm to Table movement - we will grow, process, package and finally consume while gaining a better understanding of the science that goes into the food you eat. We will also study the science behind flavoring, coloring, odors and preserving. This class will be team taught with the Agriculture teacher.

Housing and Interior Design

Create your “dream home” while learning the basics of space planning and interior design. Whether you are headed to a career in real estate, a job in the construction industry, or future home ownership, this class is for you! Students will explore housing-related issues including buying vs. renting, environmental concerns, and choosing a home and furnishings.

Intro to Culinary Arts

Students will learn the fundamental knowledge associated with the culinary arts profession and will apply it into lab procedures and techniques of simple food preparation. Topics of study would include food safety and sanitation, kitchen safety, lab procedures, knife skills and preparation techniques of pasta, sandwiches, soups, quick breads, fruits, vegetables, and eggs just to mention a few. This course is required before taking any other culinary course.

World of Culinary

Description: Learn how selection and preparation of food are influenced by your cultural heritage, lifestyle, and where you live in the world. Prepare international foods using a variety of advanced cooking techniques. Be prepared to expand your palate and try something new!